The designs shown on this page have been completed with acrylic yarn or  luster yarn, or a combination of the two by various customers of our website. For many of these customers, the work shown is a first time project. Take a good look at the work they have accomplished. Especially notice some of the different methods customers have chosen for their finished designs. From a children's book to clothing decorations, they have used their work for a large group of variable uses. Notice the excellent clearness in the finished products with acrylic yarns which are so easy to work with.

An array of various methods have been used by customer designs below.

More suggestions for using your punched designs! 
 A few clothing designs are shown in the next group of ideas.

Notice the quilts shown below along with other methods.

Thank you for perusing our gallery of punched designs accomplished by people who love punch embroidery! More designs will be added later but study these now for some excellent ideas for using you punched designs.

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