You can use anything that will go through your needles if you like, but.....
don't get anything caught in your needle that you can't remove!

For 100 years or more now, Punch Needle embroidery has been accomplished with beautiful
acrylic yarns made especially for this craft.

A need for safe, spooled punching yarn/threads were required so a puncher
could work right along on a project without the frustrating, constant stopping to re-thread the needle.

Because of this need,  yarns and threads are manufactured for punch needle embroidery. 
These are spooled for extended punching 
which means you re-thread your needle only to change colors rather than every 
5 minutes or less as you 
do with, for example, embroidery floss. 


.Beautiful Single ply Acrylic yarn
.Beautiful Single ply Luster yarn
 Beautiful Single ply metallic threads
.Beautiful Single ply Satin yarn.
Beautiful Single ply Polyester yarn.
Beautiful Varigated yarn. 
add to the list:
Beautiful Ribbon floss
.Light weight narrow ribbons
.Embroidery floss

Why use acrylic yarns?  Because yarns are made to fit the needles!
Yarns are made in different weights to fit various needle sizes.
Yarn works up faster and smoother.
Yarn is worked from a spool so you re-thread the needle only to change colors!
Yarn can be brushed for hair, clouds or animal fur.
Yarns look better and can be machine laundered many times and come out looking new each time!

Single ply Acrylic and Luster and Metallic yarns are spooled by most punch needle manufacturers, and because
all the yarn is the same quality, you can add different colors and shades of colors from the various 
manufacturers to create your own color pallet!
(All shown on our website)

Ex. Small Needle:

  The extra small needle works beautifully with Easy Punch Polyester punch needle yarns. 
Or use single strand Embroidery floss. This needle is often identified as a 'Russian Punch' needle. 

Small Needle:

   The Small needle works beautifully with Satin, Luster acrylics, Easy Punch acrylic yarns.  Or use 2-3 strands of Embroidery floss.

Medium Needle:

   The medium needle is the workhorse in any line of punch needles. It does 98% of all yarn punching.
  Use Acrylic punch yarn (any brand), 6-ply metallic, Luster yarn, Luster with a strand of 1 ply metallic, our new varigated
 color yarns, We carry it all.

 Ribbon floss or 3 strands of embroidery floss work wel ltoo.

   Large Needle:

   The large needle uses 2 strands of acrylic yarn for a heavier finished look, or when you are working a very large design. 
It holds 2 strands of acrylic at one time to fill in a design faster, 

Rug needles

A variety larger rug punchneedles are available for punching rug designs with heavier yarns.


If you have something different or unusual that you would like to try in your needle - do it! Have fun with your needle. But if it 'drags' 
as you pull it through the needle, remove it!  If you try to punch with a different yarn/thread, it may get it stuck in the needle and you may not be 
able to get it out.

We, as certified specialists, want to make punch needle embroidery a joy for you to do. We make these recommendations with the hope
that it will help you enjoy your punching! 

What do we use in our needles in particular? 

For nearly 50 years we have used only the yarns that are exclusively manufactured for punch needles, 
We love to mix the various yarns in a design to make it look different at times...
but we are
Traditional Needle Punchers who tend to punch as our ancestors did!
And we are very proud of that!

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