Working a Bunka design is different from working a Punch Embroidery design from the standpoint that you will be working from the printed side of the fabric with long stitches which will cover the pattern with beautiful work. This will be the finished side of the design rather than the back side as with regular Punch Embroidery.

        First you will pull the yarn to a crinkly stage to make it stretchy so it will lay in place on your design. To do this, pinch the very end of the yarn and grasp it with the fingers of your opposite hand and pull firmly with a yank. The yarn will pull out as a crinkly strand that you will thread into your needle for working. You will want to pull the yarn so you will be using a 2/4 texture (see example below). This crinkly texture is important - do not stretch it out straight - the crinkles are needed to hold the yarn into the fabric and give texture to the finished stitched area.

          Bunka is not hard to do. In fact is is very easy. You are simply covering your design on fabric with 1/2" running stitches of yarn so no fabric shows through! Any pattern can be used with Bunka providing you use Bunka yarn

         Whether you have a regular Bunka needle, or are using the Medium needle of any punch needle set, you simply thread the needle as usual, being careful not to pull the crinkliness out of the bunka yarn.

        1. First put your 50% cotton/50% polyester fabric in a hoop large enough for the whole design to show - or use a stretcher frame. Pull the fabric very tight for working.

       2. Hold your needle like a pencil and insert it into the fabric at your starting point.

        3. Withdraw the needle and move it approximately 1/2" to the next stitch. Continue with 1/2" stitches until the length of the design area is filled with stitches, being sure to stagger the stitches when you come back in the opposite direction so you have a 'smooth' fill to your design.

        4. Start punching with the section of your design that is farthest away - for example the sky, followed by mountains, trees, buildings, lawn, flowers etc. For a floral design start with the leaves to the rear and work forward. You will see your design start to be dimensional, especially when you stitch right over the edges of stitches previously worked.

        5. Or you can punch in layers if you want lots of dimension. Punch the first layer of stitches in one direction then go over those stitches with more stitches in the natural direction of the design. Even three layers if you wish. Its your design and you can do it the way you want it!

        6. Bunka can also be brushed for fuzzy animals! Just punch it the same way you do regular punch embroidery designs - from the pattern side with loops one after the other. Put a light coating of glue over the back side and when it is dry, brush the loops out on the front side. Simple, right?

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