We are CERTIFIED and have been very involved with punch needle embroidery for more than 40 years.

We recommend that you buy a punch needle set since it it less

expensive per needle that way and sooner or later you will want to use all of the sizes.

Regardless of the brand or name
A punch needle simply punches a stitch through the back side of 50% cotton/50% polyester fabric, usually weavers cloth
and leaves a loop on the opposite (front, finished) side of the fabric.

Why do we offer so many needles?
So you know at a glance every needle that is available on today's market to choose from!

To use, the brand or type of needle doesn't vary a lot - all punch needles thread and work basically the same way.

The difference in punchneedles is their shape and length.
Those shown on our website are offered in sets of 3 or 4 needle sizes. All needle sizes are also sold individually.

Inexpensive needles should be avoided if possible since they do not do the job we need and expect.

Some needles are small and can be used with embroidery floss or you may want to use spooled extra-fine "luster" yarn for the same results, and
re-threading only to change colors rather than re-threading every 2-3 minutes when a strand of embroidery floss goes quickly thorough the needle.
Some needles have a more comfortable handle, or a better polished needle which is easier to work with.

If you will be punching for a period of time
A handle with a larger circumference will help reduce any strain on your hand when punching. A handle that is a little longer can provide the same benefit.
If you are past middle age, the needles with small, short handles may be difficult for you to manage.
Selecting a needle with a longer, larger-circumference shaped handle will work easier.

The medium needle of a traditional 3-needle set is the most used punch needle.
It is used with a single strand of acrylic yarn which produces a beautiful finished design.

The small needle of a 3-needle set is the second most used punch needle.
It is used with luster yarn or 3-strands of embroidery floss.

The large needle of a 3-needle set is used with 2 strands of acrylic yarn when you are punching an especially large design,
or when you want to finish quickly.

Extra Small Needles

Extra small needles are made to punch with a single
strand of embroidery floss or spooled polyester yarn.

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