Considering a Dealership?

   Thank you for considering Dealer status with our company

Our business rules are very simple - You agree to become a dealer who pays wholesale price for the privilege of re-selling at retail price. 

We distribute (at wholesale price:)

CAMEO, (Ultra Punch)

The above listed needle products wholesale at 50% off most suggested retail prices. The difference between the wholesale price and your retail price is your 50% profit.

You can offer one brand, offer all LISTED brands, or offer a mixture of the's your choice.  You can also set your own retail prices for higher earnings if you so choose. It will be YOUR business and we will not interfere with the exception of our business priorities and rules as stated here. We do like to mix yarn brands though to offer more colors, so you might want to think about that.

Business Priorities & Rules:

1. To become a dealer your opening order must total $100.00 at wholesale price which would start with a wholesale minimum of  6 punch needles of one brand, one size, or starter kits with punch needles in them, and to verify that you have a business license. 

2. To remain a dealer you agree to order at least once per month to replace the inventory you have sold, or to build up a greater inventory for your customers to choose from.  If no further orders are forthcoming for 3 months your wholesale privileges will be forfeited.

3. Once you become a dealer, you should order a minimum of 2 of each item - and must order enough yarns at a time, or enough needles at a time, or enough patterns at a time, etc., to demonstrate you are ordering as a dealer and not for personal use, though you can use the wholesale products for punching samples, or to sell as punched pieces, etc. with no problem.

4. Any products purchased at wholesale can be returned for refunds by dealer within 30 days only if they are defective.

5. As a dealer you are expected to work with at least one of the following sales methods:

Dealer sales,

Teach classes and sell supplies to your students.

Participate and demonstrate at shows, 

Call upon customers/possible customers

Or to consistently punch items to sell at retail,

 Or to participate in all these to be successful. 

In other words you must be prepared to SELL the products in exchange for buying at wholesale price.

6. We must have your state sales tax license number for our records. As soon as it is applied for,  you can start buying wholesale as long a we receive a copy for our dealer records when it arrives.  It's inexpensive - for example in Michigan it's only $2.00. Just go to your County Clerk's Office to apply.

We would be pleased to set you up as a dealer under the above listed business rules. If you are serious about trying, we will send you a Cameo, Purr-fect Punch or Pretty Punch Catalog and wholesale price list (Your choice)

Email us at or phone us at 1-800-272-1966 for your dealer information.  Thank You!