Excerpts from comments: 

      "I started doing what is called Russian Punch with embroidery floss, but I have to stop so often to rethread my needle because the strand of floss is so short. Isn't there anything else I can use?

    (Answer) Absolutely! You can use the extra-fine spooled Luster yarn and get the same results. You work right from the spool and re-thread only when you  must change colors. A huge timesaver!  You can finish a desing in half the time or less! Find Luster yarn on our website listed under the "yarn" category in the left-hand column of homepage. It's hard to tell the difference between Luster and embroidery floss in a finished design. Thanks for asking! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    "Thank you for your expert explanation of the needle difference for Russian Punch. I didn't know I could use my regular punch needle to do it - I thought it was something else."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

    "Congratulations on being rated #1 by WebSiteRating! I know that each time I've ordered from you I've been more than satisfied with your service. Keep up the good work."

"I just want you folks to know how impressed I am with your service. When I decided to become a Cameo Dealer I had no idea how popular your website is or that you shared it with us for our selling convenience. I have found it a great help to my business. God bless you for making it possible for us to do well too.
"I've seldom had such a satisfactory experience as when I placed an order with your company. The gentlemen who helped me on the telephone was so pleasant. He didn't hurry me, and took plenty of time to answer my questions with complete information. I am so grateful you are there when we need help and supplies."
"I can't believe how fast my order arrived!"
This may seem unimportant, but I must thank you for using larger type size on your website. I am getting along in years but still enjoy my punch needle and being able to read your copy makes it possible for me to keep using it.
I love your newsletter and the hints you include in it. I also love the information and the pattern you include free with an order. I thought I knew all about punch embroidery until I started ordering from you. It's obvious that you enjoy helping your customers do their best.
Thank you very much for sending the catalogs and the catalog pages to me. I would not have known there was so much to choose from otherwise. You made my day!
"I would like to say Thank You for your great newsletter. I've found it to be different every time I look at it. It seems you are always adding tidbits of interest to us, and mixing them throughout copy that was already there. What a great idea! I will keep reading it at least once a week. I don't want to miss out on anything!"
"I want to take a minute to thank you for your excellent service. I wasn't sure about ordering from a web site, but you folks have made my experiences very pleasurable."
"You are the third company I contacted for Pretty Punch Embroidery supplies, and the first one to help me. I appreciate the time and effort you took to sort out what I needed and to make sure I would be able to complete my project. Thank you."
"The number of punchneedle brands you carry is extraordinary. I spent more than an hour looking over your beautiful website at all the nice things for punch embroidery. Then when I telephoned you for help in making a selection you never tried to push me to any particular brand, but were very helpful to explain some differences so I could make my own choice. I appreciate the time you spent to help me. Thank you"
"My order arrived the next day! I couldn't believe your fast service! I have ordered from another Pretty Punch company and it took 3 weeks for my order to arrive. From now on I will definitely order from you. I certainly appreciate your quick handling of my order."
How in the world do you manage to get needles that everyone thinks are no longer available? I am amazed at what your business accomplishes by offering such a wide selection of everything."
"I don't know how you folks were able to help me so fast. Getting the materials I needed was a big head ache. I put my problem in your hands and you took care of everything I needed and got it to me so fast I couldn't believe my good luck.
"I just want to say how much I enjoy your newsletter! I look at it often and always find something new. Thanks for keeping us posted up to date.
"My order was large enough that I expected some backorders, but it arrived quickly with everything included."
The books I bought that were written by Linda Brohman are the absolutely greatest I have ever seen. I refer to them constantly. I never knew anyone could know that much about punch embroidery! I took them to show a friend who was teaching a punching class and she was absolutely floored. She ordered copies for herself. I figure that is a good recommendation, don't you?
"Thank you for helping me with my punching problem. I have asked you questions several times and you have been very gracious by spending time to make sure I understood. I also appreciate your toll-free phone number."
"Thank you for your wonderful service. I've tried others but no one else seems to have what I need. I never knew about so many yarn colors being available by mixing the brands. I love having more color shades to work with."
"I saw the other customer comments on your website and decided to add mine to the group. I perhaps don't punch as much as most of the people, but what punching I do comes from you. I am so grateful you offer so many yarn brands to choose from. I also appreciate your excellent service. I'm getting along in age and never knew how to use a tupperware bowl to make punching easier for me. That idea from you has served me so well and I have passed it on to others. And the punching hints you send out are great. I have had wonderful results from them. I just want to say thank you too, for being such nice people."
"I haven't found anyone who offers the number of patterns you do. So many of the designs are different from the usual. When I asked you for scarecrows, I expected two or three choices. I didn't expect pages! Thanks for always being so prompt and nice."
"Thank you! Thank you! I am so glad I found you because I haven't been able to get flesh color yarn. You offered a substitute brand that is perfect and I appreciate it so much."
"I want to thank you for your great service. I ordered on Tuesday and my package was delivered on Thursday! I was surprised to get it so quickly. Thank you also for letting me know when my order was shipped. No one has ever done that before."
"What a wonderful surprise when I received your package as my birthday present from my mother. She was surprised and happy that you even included a gift card with it. It was a nice touch, and mother was very satisfied with your service.
"I just received my 10th order from you and want you to know your service has been wonderful every time! I don't think anyone could match you for your fast shipping, and for the wonderful help you give. The free punching hints you provide us with have been very helpful to me and I appreciate all the things you do.
I can't believe how quick you get orders out! I've ordered on other web sites, but have never received the same service I got from you. From the man who took my order to the person who answered my questions, you have each been wonderful."
Thank you so much for taking the time to match my color samples with yarns for my punch needle. The design I'm working on is for a gift and I wanted everything about it to be right. You made that possible and I'm grateful.
I'm so happy to have found you folks. A friend told me about your website and I have ordered from you three times now, each time with excellent results. I've done Punch Embroidery for years and thought it no longer existed until I found you. You just don't know how happy you've made me!
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