To use your design as an applique, punch it on a separate piece of fabric 

If you like, you can punch 2-3 rows of yarn around the outside edge of your applique to match
the color of the garment or item you plan to put your applique onto.
It helps it blend in very well!

When your design has been punched

Spread a thin coating of punchneedle glue around the OUTER row of stitches
and spread it with your finger so the first few rows of punch stitches are covered.

When dry, cut applique out as near the outline as possible.

Now spread glue over the back side, being careful to cover the outer edges well.

Place the applique on the garment or item where you want it to be located.

Put a book on top of it while glue dries.

(The applique can also be stitched onto a garment or other item).


If a design has small areas that would make it impossible to cut out for an applique, use this technique...
Draw an outline around the design about 1/8" from the outer edge.
Fill in the exposed area & background with yarn to match the garment
or item you will be putting the applique onto.
This will create a one-piece applique easily.

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