The classic good looks of Punch Needle Stitchery are updated here with a rich,
                                                                                                              appealing sculptured technique simple enough for even a beginner to duplicate.

It  shapes the deign so it looks almost real!                                                                     It shapes the design so it looks almost real!

                                                                                                                                     There are two methods for accomplishing sculpturing...

                                                                                                                          Method #1. Select a simple pattern for your first sculpturing experience.

Each area of a design will be completely punched before starting on another section.
For example, a flower petal will be sculptured, then you will start over for the next flower petal.

You will be punching around & around an area until it is filled with stitches.
No straight rows!

Set your needle on setting #1 or #2 for the outline.

For the second row, increase your needle length to the next setting... #2-1/2 or #3

For the third row, increase your needle to #3-1/2 or #4 setting.

Every row you punch will be increased by one setting until that portion of the design is finished.

Then set your needle back to its shortest stitch to start the next section of the design.


Method #2. You can set your needle for a long stitch and punch one section of a design.
Then trim that section into a rounded form with small needlework scissors.

Then punch and trim the next design section.

Repeat with each design section until finished.